JUST CONFIRMED: Simulover to Perform on the Main Stage at Capital Pride in Washington, DC June 9th & 10th, 2012!!!

We are excited to announce that Simulover will be performing LIVE on the Main Stage at Capital Pride in Washington, DC June 9th & 10th, 2012!!! For more information [CLICK HERE]
























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Simulover “Tourniquet” Music Video + 2 Part Remix EP Out NOW!!

The official music video for Simulover’s new single “Tourniquet” (Directed by Andreas Anastasis) is out now and creating quite a stir in the electropop scene…

NYC based electropop duo Simulover have been busy boys since the release of their self-titeld debut album stateside.  On September 13th, Simulover announced the official release of their debut music video and 2-Part Remix EP for “Tourniquet”. As the second single from the self-titled album, ‘Tourniquet’ was originally written as a dynamic, sexually charged, edgy response to the sugar sweet, angelic vibe of ‘Unbroken’.

The video, directed by Andreas Anastasis, tells the story of how we wear sexuality as an accessory. “I’ve always felt that repression tends to be the catalyst for most people’s fetishes” says SIRPAUL. “I think we all have aspects of both exhibitionist and voyeuristic characteristics inside of us. I’m not into shame or the negative social stigma that’s attached to sexual expression… I’m just fascinated by what gets people off.”

The 2-Part Tourniquet EP is available now on iTunes worldwide.  Tourniquet EP, Pt. 1 features exclusive remixes from superstar producers Jerome Farley & Del Pino Bros, Simulover’s own SIRPAUL, 7b. The Tourniquet EP, Pt. 2 explores both Tourniquet and Unbroken further with interpretations offered up by some of Simulover’s favorite remix collaborators: Keven Maroda, 7b & Candy Apple Blue.

More of an editorial spread from a high fashion magazine than a literal translation of their songs, these boys aim to please the eye and seduce the senses with their videos. Tourniquet is a carefully crafted song that unravels to reveal an integral part the band’s DNA… sex appeal.

Alex Lauterstein says: “What I love about ‘Tourniquet’ is that we get to talk about what most people consider “taboo” but we’re doing it in an artistic, conceptualized way. Andreas captured the essence of the song with this video, giving us a sanitized environment for such a dirty task!”

Check out the Tourniquet 2-Part EP covers and click each image to download the EP on iTunes

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Glowing Album Review from EQTrax.com! Free Download: Simulover (Featuring Cherylyn) – “Laserlove” + Album Review

Free Download: Simulover (Featuring Cherylyn) – Laserlove + Album Review

(re-post of original article found at: http://www.eqtrax.com/2011/04/free-download-simulover-featuring-cherylyn-laserlove-album-review.html )


Having already briefly touched upon the Simulover project through an album mini sampler we teased you with a few weeks ago, I felt that this immense new enterprise from one of EQ’sfavourite stylishly coutured electro pop King’s SIRPAUL was one open to a deeper explore.

Simulover is the product of a long standing friendship between SIRPAUL and DJ Alex Lauterstein, one that on it’s journey into being has seen them only touch base musically through the international DJ on remix duty for SIRPAUL.  However, both inspired by the beauty of conceptual art and a more sensory musical experience they have created something quite wonderfully EPIC in Simulover.

From it’s first opening bars it’s evident that this is NOT your run of the mill electro pop album with it’s listing thoughtfully planned out the tracks effortlessly flow liquidly through soundscapes of dark / light steeped with romanticism “Unbroken”, “Nights Like This”, momentary interludes of subdued synth driven cosmic melodies “Ghost Box” ,“Deeperlude” “Paris Rouge” each demonstrative of Alex’s broadened cultural heritage, these two would comfortably sit tight upon a collection tailored by Robert Miles or Jean Michel Jarre.

Infact, it is with the essence of Jarre’s late 70’s – early 80’s cult sound of “Oxygene” thatSimulover in it’s entirety is best in comparision.  OK that might sound a bit deep to some of you but it is nothing to be wary off.

Simulover is a complete sensory experience whilst, also being home to the finely married pop sensibilities that the SIRPAUL brand brings.  SIRPAUL’s pop soaken vocals take on a twist of futuristic fantasia and work themselves gracefully into the cosmic fabric of the melodies.

However, the vocals on this project are not all at the lead of SIRPAUL, injecting a further stroke into the Simulover engine are New York blues singer Devlinelle who beautifully captures the essence of mystique in her duets with SIRPAUL on tracks “Someone Else” &  “Heal” and leads on “Beautiful” .It also introduces us to SIRPAUL’s sister Cherylyn, already an established artist in her own right having scored monster club hits in the early to mid 00’s one of them then used as a soundtrack on the runway of a Dolce and Gabbanashow in Milan.

Music, fashion and art run through the veins of this family like water does from a tap!

Amongst, the realms of conceptual / musical art, Simulover glows with perfection and certainly earns it’s place in the here and now amongst my cherished Michel Jarre collection

Free Download: Simulover (Featuring Cherylyn) – Laserlove

Simulover (Featuring Cherylyn) – Laserlove by EQTrax

To capture the full sensory experience – look over the stunning digital booklet here 

EQ Trax – Re-Spin

Free Download: Simulover – Album Teaser


Now available through itunes  – Simulover – Simulover (itunes)


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La Musica Entrenosotros-The Favorite: Who Said Good Electronic Pop Music is Dead? Simulover | Simulover Album Review

The Favorite (digital version): Released 29-March-2011 Simulover | Simulover Album Review

“Who Said Good Electronic Pop Music is Dead?”

Album/Artist: Simulover – Simulover

Label: Controversial Records

Simulover is more than the union of singer/producer SIRPAUL™ and DJ/Producer Alex Lauterstein, it is a creative communion just given birth to that surely, is one of the Ten Best Albums of the Year. It is difficult to make a parallel with any existing band to describe in words what the ‘Simulover’ sound is. It is a peculiar sound- so personal but, in turn, a sound that we’ve wanted to keep listening to after the eighties. Simulover sounds like Pet Shop Boys meets Soft Cell all in a glamorous 2011 format. In modern terms, it’s like a club version of Gnarls Barkley with lot of creativity and histrionics.

The Simulover trip starts with the intro track Arrival and leads into the super-experimental Tourniquet. Then the first single: Unbroken, a synth pop song reminiscent of London in the first half of the eighties which immediately drops you off at the almost mantra Cheap Thrill. The restless night continues with Nights Like This and the song Ghost Box remind us of our excesses. The soothing quality of Lauterstein’s voice opens Heal and then SIRPAUL delivers us his broken heart in the best interpretation of the album: Someone Else. As if it were a two-sided vinyl, here you can make a cut and see how a B-side starts with a different look.

Lightyears is one of my favorites of the album and SIRPAUL makes you contemplate a day in Simulover’s life. The brightness of Into Deeper grows with each listen, while the cover of Love and Rocket’s So Alive dusts off the spiderwebs and adds the color of this century: Impeccable, as if it were released yesterday.

Laserlove shows how a guest can illuminate without deviating outside the aesthetic of the band. Cherylyn’s voice (also provided backing vocals So Alive) moves fluidly as another member of the band. Impeccable.

The highlight of the night comes on the heels of another guest, Devlinelle. Beautiful sound exactly like a cell phone alert: happy on the outside but with a message that forces you to think. The outro set Paris Rouge continues into Paris Noir … leaving us longing for more from this exciting New York City duo.

Overall Rating: 9 1/2 Points out of 10. Excellent debut album. It’s been a long time since a pop band has offered this much.

Highlights: Cheap Thrill, Light years, Beautiful, Someone Else, Heal, Unbroken (in that order)

Artwork: 8 1/2 Points out of 10: pays homage futuristic style.

Lost Points: Currently no physical edition.

(Translated using Google Translator)

Original Post:

Simulover – Quién dijo que el buen pop electrónico ha muerto?

El Favorito: Lanzamiento 29-Marzo-2011 (digital version)
Simulover – Simulover
Controversial Records
Simulover es más que la unión del cantante Sirpaul y el DJ/Producutor Alex Lauterstein, es una comunión creativa que acaba de dar a luz el que, seguramente, sea uno de los diez mejores álbums del año. Es difícil poder hacer un paralelismo con alguna banda existente para poder describir con palabras cual es el sonido Simulover. Es un sonido tan propio tan personal pero, a su vez, es el sonido que nos hubiera gustado seguir escuchando después de los ochenta. Es algo así como Pet Shop Boys meets Soft Cell todo eso en un glamoroso formato 2011. Y, si lo ponemos en términos actuales, es como la versión clubber de Gnars Barkley. Mucha creatividad y mucho histrionismo.
El viaje que nos propone Simulover comienza con la intro Arrival y el súper experimental Tourniquet y de allí al primer single: Unbroken, un Synth pop que nos trae aires del Londres de la primera mitad de los ochenta para, enseguida, depositarnos en la casi mántrica Cheap Thrill. La noche agitada continúa para llevarnos a Nights like this y recordarnos el porqué de los excesos en Ghost Box. Para saber que todo tiene redención, la voz de Lauterstein nos brinda Heal y luego Sirpaul entrega su roto corazón en la mejor interpretación del álbum: Someone Else.
Como si se tratara de un vinilo de dos caras, aquí se puede hacer un corte y ver un lado B que comienza con una mirada diferente. Lightyearses uno de mis favoritos del álbum Sirpaul te hace complice de su jornada. La brillante Into deeper crece con cada escucha, mientras que el cover de Love & Rockets So Alive, se saca las telas de araña y toma el color de este siglo: Impecable, como si se hubiera estrenado ayer. Laserloveprueba como un invitado puede iluminar sin que se vea ajeno a la banda. Cherylyn (que presta coros también en So Alive) se mueve como un integrante más de la banda. Impecable.
El plato fuerte de la noche viene de la mano de otra invitada: Devlinelle,Beautiful es exactamente como suenan los avisos de telefonía celular: Felíz en su exterior pero a diferencia de estos con una letra que obliga a reflexionar. El outro es Paris Rouge una especie de continuará… que nos deja expectantes por más de este dúo de New York City.
Abajo el teaser del álbum. También esta disponible en Itunes y pronto en formato físico.
La clasificación : 9 1/2 Pts Excelente álbum debut. Hacía tiempo que una banda pop no ofrecía tanto
Los Puntos destacables: Cheap Thrill, Lightyears, Beautiful, Someone Else, Heal, Unbroken (en ese orden)
Arte de tapa: 8 1/2 pts el estilo retrofuturista paga.
Puntos Flojos: Aún no tiene edición local
El tip: En Youtube.com está colgado el primer single unbroken un simple y el album teaser (ver debajo).


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Simulover | Simulover Debut Album Arrives on iTunes Worldwide TODAY!

Simulover has arrived…Experience the lush dreamscape SIRPAUL & Alex Lauterstein call Simulover. Download the debut self-titled album from Simulover on iTunes HERE

Simulover Album Cover

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Simulover Album Release Party & Exclusive DJ Set at Spice Market NYC 3/28/11 from 9-11pm

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Hello World!

We are so excited to announce that our self-titled debut album “Simulover” will be released on Tuesday, March 29th on iTunes worldwide! Check back here for news, music, special giveaways and more!


(***NOTE: The release date was delayed for two weeks…we promise it will be worth the wait!***)

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