Glowing Album Review from! Free Download: Simulover (Featuring Cherylyn) – “Laserlove” + Album Review

Free Download: Simulover (Featuring Cherylyn) – Laserlove + Album Review

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Having already briefly touched upon the Simulover project through an album mini sampler we teased you with a few weeks ago, I felt that this immense new enterprise from one of EQ’sfavourite stylishly coutured electro pop King’s SIRPAUL was one open to a deeper explore.

Simulover is the product of a long standing friendship between SIRPAUL and DJ Alex Lauterstein, one that on it’s journey into being has seen them only touch base musically through the international DJ on remix duty for SIRPAUL.  However, both inspired by the beauty of conceptual art and a more sensory musical experience they have created something quite wonderfully EPIC in Simulover.

From it’s first opening bars it’s evident that this is NOT your run of the mill electro pop album with it’s listing thoughtfully planned out the tracks effortlessly flow liquidly through soundscapes of dark / light steeped with romanticism “Unbroken”, “Nights Like This”, momentary interludes of subdued synth driven cosmic melodies “Ghost Box” ,“Deeperlude” “Paris Rouge” each demonstrative of Alex’s broadened cultural heritage, these two would comfortably sit tight upon a collection tailored by Robert Miles or Jean Michel Jarre.

Infact, it is with the essence of Jarre’s late 70’s – early 80’s cult sound of “Oxygene” thatSimulover in it’s entirety is best in comparision.  OK that might sound a bit deep to some of you but it is nothing to be wary off.

Simulover is a complete sensory experience whilst, also being home to the finely married pop sensibilities that the SIRPAUL brand brings.  SIRPAUL’s pop soaken vocals take on a twist of futuristic fantasia and work themselves gracefully into the cosmic fabric of the melodies.

However, the vocals on this project are not all at the lead of SIRPAUL, injecting a further stroke into the Simulover engine are New York blues singer Devlinelle who beautifully captures the essence of mystique in her duets with SIRPAUL on tracks “Someone Else” &  “Heal” and leads on “Beautiful” .It also introduces us to SIRPAUL’s sister Cherylyn, already an established artist in her own right having scored monster club hits in the early to mid 00’s one of them then used as a soundtrack on the runway of a Dolce and Gabbanashow in Milan.

Music, fashion and art run through the veins of this family like water does from a tap!

Amongst, the realms of conceptual / musical art, Simulover glows with perfection and certainly earns it’s place in the here and now amongst my cherished Michel Jarre collection

Free Download: Simulover (Featuring Cherylyn) – Laserlove

Simulover (Featuring Cherylyn) – Laserlove by EQTrax

To capture the full sensory experience – look over the stunning digital booklet here 

EQ Trax – Re-Spin

Free Download: Simulover – Album Teaser

Now available through itunes  – Simulover – Simulover (itunes)



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